Exclusive* Information About My Next Book

Exclusive* Information About My Next Book

While The Inventor’s Slave and Hunger Is the Best Sauce were standalone YA novels, my next novel is not (not standalone, not YA).

*By exclusive I mean this information is only being shared with you and the whole Internet.

Here’s Where I’m At

I finished the very basic rough draft, but it’s the first in a series, so I want to make sure I feel satisfied that all my ducks are in a row before I publish it.  Since revisions are my least favorite part of the writing process, I don’t want to do them more times than is necessary.  If I’m going to have to change something later to make sure I lay a good foundation for the series, I’d rather know it before I start revising.

I Hate Revisions

Another Perfectly Legitimate Excuse Reason Why I’m Still Not Working on Revisions

I also haven’t done any major revisions on it yet because I’ve already started working on the second book in the series.

Stay Tuned

and I’ll keep you posted!

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