New Year’s Freebies & Discounts for 2017

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope you have a happy 2017!

I just wanted to let you know that, in order to celebrate the new year…

Hunger Is the Best Sauce will be free

in e-book form on New Year’s Day (January 1st, 2017), and

The Inventor’s Slave will be just 99¢

in e-book form this week.


I’ve already made all the required changes on Amazon, but the page that usually shows me my free promotions seems to be down, and the price change in the Inventor’s Slave is currently being updated. That means it’s possible that these great deals might not be shown when you visit the pages. If that happens, please let me know so I can make it up to you!


Get your copy of Hunger Is the Best Sauce here and The Inventor’s Slave here, and, if you’ve read either or both books, please consider leaving an honest review. Thank you.

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