God Created You to Be Like Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman just opened in Korea. I’ve been too busy to breathe for months, so I carved out some time to watch it. And I really, really liked it.

A lot of people probably had the same reaction I did when they watched it: “Wow. I wish I could be like her.”

But here’s something a lot of people don’t know:

God wants you to be like Wonder Woman.

Some people might be shocked to hear this. But let’s draw up some comparisons:

[Warning: From this point on we may enter some serious spoiler territory. Don’t continue reading unless you’re fine with spoilers or have seen the movie.]

Wonder Woman You
  • Wonder Woman was created by Zeus
  • You were created by God
  • Wonder Woman had a specific destiny
  • You also have a specific God-given destiny
  • Wonder Woman was the only person who could fulfill her destiny and she was perfectly trained and equipped to do so
  • You are the only person who can fulfill your destiny and God will perfectly train and equip you to do so
  • Wonder Woman was equipped with supernatural armor and weapons specifically designed to give her victory in ways normal armor and weapons could not
  • Wonder Woman recognized what happens to people when they believe lies that pull them away from the destinies they were created for
  • God wants you, too, to be able to recognize the good plans He has for other people and not judge people who have been corrupted by lies (which happens more often than it should to all of us)
  • Wonder Woman didn’t allow other people’s wounds, baggage, or negative aspects to keep her from fulfilling what she knew she was made to do
  • Other people’s issues and imperfections don’t have to stop you, either – your victory and success are dependent on God, not them
  • Wonder Woman refused to let the compromise, fatigue, and complacency of those around her extinguish her passion to do what was right
  • Wonder Woman recognized the importance and power of mercy and love
  • God’s love trumps sin, weakness, mistakes, issues, judgment, and imperfections every time – when you become like Him, He empowers you to love and show mercy the way He does
  • When Wonder Woman realized her true purpose and became confident of her identity and her destiny, she became unstoppable
  • When you realize your true purpose and become confident of your identity in God and the destiny He has prepared for you, you will be unstoppable
  • Wonder Woman had total peace even in the midst of a horrific battle against a vicious and seemingly all-powerful foe because she understood her destiny and knew that she was doing what she had been made to do
  • When you’re doing what you know God created you to do and you’re in the center of His will for your life, you, too, can have peace that defies circumstances and a confidence that the outcome of the battle has already been decided – and in your favor, no less! – by your Savior, Jesus
  • Wonder Woman’s story is fictitious

Ready to become the history maker God created you to be?

Spend some time with Him right now. The more you get to know Him, the more He’ll show you about who you are. The more you realize about God’s love and your identity in Him, the more unstoppable you’ll be.

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