The Inventor’s Slave

The Inventor's Slave by Z. A. Coe

Fifteen-year-old Kayden may have two prosthetic limbs, but underneath his master’s robotic improvements, he’s still only human. Or is he? Slaves aren’t afforded any rights in this seedy city, and Kayden’s violent owner, the criminal inventor Dr. Malphanx, has no time for mercy.

When Kayden gets caught by the police and his master’s precious collateral gets confiscated, Malphanx’s brutality shifts into high gear and a series of increasingly harrowing events are set into motion. As things spiral out of control, Kayden is smacked face to face with mortality and realizes there is only one way to restore everything that has been lost—but can he survive the cost?

Reviews:F.Alexander on Amazon wrote:

I really appreciated how this book portrays the abuse of power and the consequences it can have, but at the same time celebrates the good tendencies in human nature. The dystopian slave society setting is great, with lots of attention to detail. The characters develop through their interactions and this keeps the pace up and builds tension. You can't help but root for Kayden to break through the cycle of violence. Although abused and socially inept, he slowly develops warm relationships that have a great nostalgic feel. Everything also leads to an unexpected yet very satisfying ending! My only caveat is the vivid depiction of violence, which you get a taste of right in the first chapter. Some of the cruelty was hard for me to stomach at times, however these scenes are very well written and keep you turning the page!

Giri Parameswaran on Amazon wrote:

A gripping read! This is the first book in a while that's kept me eagerly turning the pages. Kayden's series of plights and setbacks break your heart, but it builds toward an outcome that is thought-provoking and somewhat unexpected. On top of that, the setting of Wurszel is well written, with richly described scenes. The horrors that Kayden survives are visceral, and sometimes I wondered why he bothered to go on, but his perseverance and strength are powerful, and the friends, enemies, and loves that he encounters along the way are a lovable and memorable bunch. Recommended!

rascal on Amazon wrote:

I almost didn't finish this book because of the blatant sadism and no redeeming features. But I finished reading every word and I found I was completely wrong! This book turned out to be one of the finest books I have ever read! Kudos for the author. Thank you!

Doubleduty on Amazon wrote:

Great read!. Engaging character development, interesting twists, and an unpredictable ending make for a winning combination. If you can stomach the descriptions of man's brutal inhumanity to man, you'll find this to be a nicely woven tale of hope and courage, against all odds. Looking forward to another story by this author!

Florida Girl on Amazon wrote:

This book was very intense with suspense as to how Kaylen[sic] will survive his master's brutality. The friendships that develop give relief and hope for Kaylen's[sic] survival. I loved the ending!
This is not my normal genre but I would read another one.