Meet JC

Are you ready to meet Jesus?

The most important thing is to be honest.  He already knows you intimately, and He has always loved you with His whole heart.  He’s trustworthy.

He hears everything you say and everything you think, but sometimes it’s hard to know how to talk to Him at first.  When you’re first getting to know Him, the most important things are these:

  1. Acknowledge that you’ve done things you know God isn’t pleased by, and ask Him to forgive you with an honest desire not to do those things again.  Or, if you know you shouldn’t do those things but still feel like you want to, be honest and tell Him so, and ask Him to help you overcome.
  2. Believe in your heart that Jesus died for you and that God raised Him from the dead.
  3. Say, out loud, that Jesus is Lord.  The words we speak change the atmosphere around us, and there is power in declaring His Lordship out loud.

If you’re not sure what to say, you can start by saying this.  But you can tell Him anything, anytime.  He’s waiting to spend time with you.

Hi, Jesus.

Thanks for loving me and for being with me now.  Thanks for listening to this prayer.  Please open my eyes to see You and open my ears to hear You, because I want to know You.

I know that I’ve sinned and hurt You, hurt others, and hurt myself during my life.  I’m sorry for the hurt I’ve caused.  Thank You for accepting my apology and forgiving me.  Please restore the areas of my life and relationships that have been ruined by my sin.

I believe in my heart that You died for me, because of my sin, and that God raised You from the dead.  I believe You overcame the grave and You’re alive today.  I declare out loud that You are Lord.  You are Lord of all – of heaven and of earth, of every situation, problem, fear, dream, hope, and circumstance…but most of all, of me.  You are my Lord, Jesus.  I love You.

Please heal me from the hurt I’ve been carrying.  Please help me to be like You and forgive the people who have hurt me.  Teach me how to love like You.

I know that, because You overcame, I can overcome like You.  Teach me how to live a life of victory.  Please send Your Holy Spirit to me.  Open up my mind to understand the Scriptures and teach me everything I need to know to walk in all You have for me.

Thank You that You will never leave me or forsake me, that you are my best friend and closer than a brother.  Please help me to feel your presence everyday so I’m reminded that You’re with me.

Let’s talk again soon.

So, did you talk with Him?  Are you ready to take things to the next level?

Here’s what to do next.