The Inventor's Slave

The Inventor's Slave by Z. A. Coe

What Readers Are Saying

"One of the finest books I have ever read!"

"The first book in a while that's kept me eagerly turning the pages."

"Gripping! You can't help but root for Kayden."

Already he has nothing...

How much more can he afford to lose?

Fifteen-year-old Kayden may have two prosthetic limbs, but underneath his master’s robotic improvements, he’s still only human. Or is he? Slaves aren’t afforded any rights in the seedy futuristic city of Wurszel, and Kayden’s violent owner, the criminal inventor Dr. Malphanx, has no time for mercy.


When Kayden gets caught by the police and his master’s precious collateral gets confiscated, Malphanx’s brutality shifts into high gear and a series of increasingly harrowing events are set into motion. As things spiral out of control, Kayden is smacked face to face with mortality and realizes there is only one way to restore everything that has been lost—but can he survive the cost?

Visceral, gripping, intense – The Inventor’s Slave will have you rooting for Kayden right up to the nail-biting end.